In the chapter The Cutting of My Long Hair Zitkala-Sa is forced to get up for breakfast which she is not very fond of and does not like how structured the pale face are. When she goes down to eat breakfast they ring a bell and she sits down. As she looks around she realizes everyone is still standing. Embaressed she stands up emediatly and folows what the other children do. Also at breakfast one of zitkala sa's friends named Judewin tells her that she heard a paleface women talking about cutting all the girls long hair. As if her day wasnt already bad enough. The girls parents had taught them that the cutting of hair is a symbol of a coward and was usually done to the captured enemy. This worried her for she could lose her pride and disobay her religion, and more importandly embaress her mother. So Zitkala sa tried to hide and said she would refuse to get her hair cut so zitkala sa crept up the stairs franticly looking for a spot to hide from the plae faces. She went into a lagre roon and dove underneath a bed to hide. She then began to hear foot steps and many women and girls entered the room. Zitkala sa notice that one of the girls happend to be Judewin. She was then dragged out and zitkala sa scratched and kicked to try to resist the cutting of the hair but she was then tied to a chair. She then felt the cold scissors go across her neck cutting off her thick braids. Her long hair was now shingled like a cowards. She felt like the coward now.


In a way The cutting of her long hair was like how the natzis cut the jews hair durring the holocost. It brought shame and discourage upon them too. In the holocost they took them away to camps where they wanted them do to things their way. They forced them to change their living stiles because it wasn't like theirs. The germans felt their way of life was the only way that was right. The pale faces are doing this to zitkala sa in a way because they make her live by their rules. They think their way of living is right and the indains is wrong. They try to change her and put her on a schedual rather then how she lived freely and did things her way. In the holocost the jews unwillingly had their hair cut off by people they were not found of and didn't like. The same thing happened to zitkala sa because she and her mother dont trust the pale faces and zitkala sa didnt like them cutting her hair off. The pale faces knew she didnt like it because she was kicking, screaming, and crying to get away from them. They had to tie her to a chair because she dared to fight back for she knew they wouldnt kill her but the jews were afriad to fight back because they knew they would be killed or tortured if they did. Either way the people cutting the hair had more power. This ment that the hair was cut regardless.

The cutting of her long hair symbolized that she had become power less and a coward for choosing to go to school. This is a major conflict in her life because its another stepping stone to becoming farther away from her native way of living. Also it was another stepping stone to becoming more like a pale face. She finds herslef depressed because of all the changes happening so fast. Her mood shortly after her cutting of her long hair became fustrated and upset. She reaizes from this she was lost her voice and her will to be free.

by Stephen Hodge
and Victoria Brookings
and Michael Maynard a little bit


The chapter The Cutting of my Long Hair begins with Zitkala-Sa describing how cold it was and how bare the trees were. It then goes on to tell about the load metallic bell that was rang for breakfast. When she got into the dinning room she did what everyone else did she walked infront of a chair, but she sat down and when she looked around the room she relized that no one else was sitting embarrassed she stood up and then before she was even compleatly up another bell rang and everyone sat down. At this point she was scared to do anything else because she didn't know if she eat or if she had to wait for something, like another bell. Later that day one of her friends from before she came to the school, Judewin she said that she overheard one of the ladies talking about cutting all of the girls long hair. This made Zitkala-Sa turn inside because cutting your long hair was something that cowards did in her culture. She tried to run and hide but after a few minutes the "pale faces" found her and even though she tried to resist they straped her to a metal chair and shingeled her hair.